The MGM Grand

If you love gambling and you like going to casino, you will surely enjoy playing at The MGM Grand. The MGM Grand is literally the world’s largest hotel, with over 5,000 fully featured rooms and non-stop attractions to keep you entertained. The casino is also one of the best in the world; a definite must-visit for gambling enthusiast.

With a large sporting arena, The MGM Grand also lures many of the largest musical performers and entertainers. There will be a nice spectacular show on each night, and you can enjoy even better performances during weekends. When it comes to casino gaming and comps, The MGM Grand is the place you will get satisfied way beyond your wildest imaginations. Low-limit games as well as high-limit and no-limit table games are available 24/7; you will never find yourself without any game to play here at The MGM Grand.

Spotting The MGM Grand is as easy as it gets. It is located near Planet Hollywood, New York New York, Excalibur, and Tropicana, right at The Strip’s busiest intersection. Room qualities are of course above average with a couple of superbly good rooms especially for suites and high-end rooms. You will also enjoy a wide selection of meals including a nice meal at the famous Wolfgang Puck Café.

If you check on show schedules, you can even time your stay to watch big sporting events or shows. The MGM Grand hosts a lot of international sporting events, including boxing matches, so ask you booking agent for more info on what shows will be held during your stay.

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