What you should know about single zero roulette

Many casino goers in fact feel intimidated by the complexity of the roulette table, as the intricate layer can sometimes appear extremely complicated. However players shouldn’t be put off by the appearance of the table, as roulette is in fact one of the simpler casino games available – see more other games available on onlinecasino.org.

Roulette has a variety of different game variations, one such variation is the single zero roulette game. The single zero roulette versions are in fact a combination of the European roulette and French roulette games.
These two types of single zero roulette games feature a very similar betting layout. There are characteristically thirty-seven pockets on the roulette wheel and each takes a specific colour. The featured zero is coloured in green, whilst the numbers from one through to 36 are alternately coloured and appear in red and black.

The objective of the single zero roulette game is for the player to estimate which number the roulette ball will land on when it comes to rest, this will in turn entitle them to a payout. This payout will vary in value depending on how many chips have been bet. Once all players have wagered a bet from the roulette-betting layout, the gaming attendant will then activate wheel and throw the ball in the opposite direction in order for it to take motion.

The betting structures in the single zero roulette is fairly easy to understand and there are two ways that a player can bet on the roulette wheel. These are labelled both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ bets.
Either single numbers or combinations of numbers can be bet upon using the inside section of the single zero roulette betting layout. The outside bets alternatively allow players to place wagers on larger groups of numbers. Some casinos will set various limits from the inside and outside bets of their single zero roulette games.

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